Kanji Illustration
Illustrations 140x140 pixels of Japanese Kanji Dictionary.

1 Word Kanji

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Website of large illustrations for Japanese kanji Tattoo & T-shirt of cool fonts.

Kanji Illustration

Tattoo and T-shirt Kanji Homepage of large illustrations of Japanese kanji cool and a variety of fonts.
These can be helpful as a sample of penmanship and study of Japanese.
Illustrations of 140x140 pixels

Four kinds of individual and cool japanese kanji designs.

Cool Kanji Font Illustration. Tattoo & T-shirt Illust

Tattoo and T-shirt IllustJapanese kanji Illustration Thumbnail
 21-1-sister.jpg  25-3-sweet.jpg  35-1-bubble.jpg  37-4-plan.jpg  39-2-will.jpg
 56-2-pray.jpg  67-3-fish.jpg  83-3-ume-apricot.jpg  101-4-commit.jpg  113-4-teach-tell.jpg
 115-3-male.jpg  127-2-same-identical  137-1-weave.jpg  145-2-shellfish.jpg  155-1-limit.jpg
 158-1-hide-conceal  167-3-number.jpg  171-4-model-type.jpg  172-3-enemy-rival.jpg  181-3-stock.jpg

It can be processed, such as photoshop or illustrator Kanji image.

Page with the illustrations of One Word Japanese Kanji. In addition, many kinds of kanji illustrations are published.
Please do not redistribute the kanji illustration of a site, etc.